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Over the years ICASS have researched the role of overseas Foster carers.  We have found carers to be highly disadvantaged, whilst they are expected to meet the challenges and demands of providing a highly effective and efficient service to children in care.  This is currently being done without the ongoing support, advice, training, guidance or assistance provided to match their counterparts in the UK.

ICASS offers the provision of localised assessment support and after care services to children in care who are either placed with extended family members or Adoption placements in the Caribbean.

How ICASS supports the foster carer and child(ren):

Link officer - is assigned to each foster placement  to provide supervision and monitoring of the placement and identify support needs

Personal Advisor - Each Child is matched to an Advisor/Officer, who will facilitate access to health and social care facilities locally, providing a quick response for assessment, consultation placement support and invaluable advocacy as well as treatment.

Call Centre - Supported by trained people from the local community, who have experience in dealing with a variety of issues.  Based in Central Jamaica, our team co-ordinate and maintaining regular contact with the relevant local authorities.

24 hour Crisis Intervention Service - The service is used to support any breakdowns with placement communication

Group Work/Training Programmes - Tailored programmes are designed and administered on an individual and group basis. Group meetings have proved very beneficial, as they allow the teams to meet informally and also for them to be kept up to date with legislation, policies, procedures and guidelines.  This enables the foster carers to develop their knowledge and skills in meeting the needs of the children in their care.

Respite Service - This is a welcomed break in place for carers who may need a much needed break from the demands of fostering family member.

Co-ordinating holiday schemes & educational projects - for both the children in care and the local children to support integration and to enrich the lives of children in the community

Video Conferencing/Webcam -  to provide multi-media support for contact between the child and their birth families