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ICAS was originally formed in 2010 as a response to the identified need to provide services of assessment, care, supervision and support to Children and Families in the Caribbean who had a connection with Social Services in the UK.

Prior to establishing this service a feasibility study was undertaken by the Directors of ICAS, this included questionnaires and research into what was already available for this group, the findings of the study highlighted that there were a high proportion of children and young people been cared for out of the jurisdiction of the UK. In such cases where the Local authority were still holding primary responsibility  as they were LAC (Looked After Children) the statutory responsibilities of 6 monthly visits and reviews were been carried out by the responsible allocated Social Workers. From the questionnaires it was found that many of the Local Authorities had engaged with the CDA (Child Development Agency) in Jamaica commissioning services of assessments and continuous case supervision, this however had not been effective as timescales and quality of the work undertaken was questionable.

In response to the feasibility study ICAS developed the Lighthouse Services. This service has been operational since 2010, during this time we have received referrals from 6 Local Authorities in the UK, our services have now become recognized in the US and we have received a number of referrals from ISS (International Social Services)

The Lighthouse provides the following services:
Viability Assessments
Home Study Assessments
Form F Assessments
Parenting Assessments
Serving of Legal documents
Supervisory visits for Foster Carers
Monitoring of LAC placements
Direct specialist work such as life story work
Supervised Contact sessions and reports
Family Group conference facilitation

All of the cases are allocated to Qualified Social Workers who are registered with the HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) if working on UK cases. In non UK cases workers are registered with JASW (Jamaican Association of Social Workers) all workers are Police checked and documentation is held on their files with their completed registration forms.

Over the last 2 years we have recruited a number of qualified, skilled and committed professionals who have been attracted to ICAS fundamentally by our ethos which is “to make a difference to the lives of children and families across the Caribbean” Our database of workers has grown to now include Social workers, Teachers, Trainers, Youth Workers, Mentors, Counsellors, Life Coaches and Psychologists. In addition we have attracted interest from many who are not Social Care skilled but have a vested interest in making a contribution by supporting us in fundraising and making charitable donations to assist further in enhancing the quality of life and experiences of those who participate in our services.