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(Please note: There will be a delay in the anticipated start date of the opening of Rose Bud Heights, as it is currently still in the planning phase. More information will be provided in the near future.)

Welcome to Rose Bud Heights residential care and protection children’s home, and providers of high quality residential care and registered education for young people who find themselves at crisis point or needing long term care and support. 

This web site aims to give you a basic insight into the kind of services that Rose Bud Heights delivers. However if you would like an informal chat about how we deliver these services or if you would like to visit any of our services then please feel free to contact us.

Rose Bud Heights look after children and young people aged 7-17 years who are deemed to be in need of care and protection. We are a private non government institution who thrives to ensure that the children in our care are looked after efficiently, catering for their emotional, psychological and physical development.

Our staff team are multi skilled and we work collectively to ensure that the care provided is not only of a very high standard but also caters for each child’s individual needs. We operate a clear admissions process whereby all referrals are received from the CDA and other government agencies. The children that we look after may have any of the following difficulties that we are able to help them through:

Suffering crisis and trauma                          

Mild to moderate learning difficulties           

Emotional, social and/or behavioural difficulties                                                                 

Challenging behaviours                         

Experienced multiple placement breakdown                            

Persisting absconding

Excluded from school                                     

In need of therapeutic care                                              

Vulnerable children who are in need of protection

We offer child centred care in our home and provide tailored packages to meet the identified needs of each young person.
Our philosophy is to offer every young person in our care the best opportunities in life aimed at enhancing their futures and supporting them to reintegrate back into society as well grounded and respected citizens of Jamaica.

 Our home is of a very high standard providing an on-site educational programme covering all aspects of the national curriculum as it is recognized that many of the young people in our care may not be able to access off site education initially, and would need to be reintegrated into this system and should not be disadvantaged due to their circumstances.

 We have a designated area allocated for family contact as we recognize the value of promoting good family contact where possible aimed at ensuring that the child does not feel rejected or abandoned and so that the parents can feel empowered to work towards reintegration where possible.

We also have facilities to provide therapeutic sessions on site, recreational activities and social educational group work. We operate a mixed sexed provision whereby we have a girl’s unit consisting of 32 bed spaces, this is broken down into 4 dormitories which sleep 8 young people, all dorms are separated into age groups aimed at ensuring that the needs of the young people are maintained as paramount and that age appropriate boundaries and parenting are incorporated as part of their care plans.

The boys unit consists of 24 bed spaces spread over 3 dormitories. We operate a key working system amongst our staff team whereby each project worker is allocated 4 key children who they are responsible for in the role of a corporate parent, this involves providing regular key work sessions, completing individual care plans, writing review reports on the young person’s care and attending all relevant meetings pertaining to the case.

We encourage recreational and educational activites that are age appropriate which promote life chances and positive experiences that enable the young person to enjoy everyday activities with their peers.

The homes themselves are spacious that offer each young person private areas to enable them to have their own personal space but also generous communal areas with appropriate leisure and educational resources to enable all young people to enjoy their time with Rose Bud Heights.



Some placements require additional services to help meet the individual needs of the young person that they are placing. That’s why at Rose Bud Heights we are able to offer a variety of different therapeutic packages that aim to get to the heart of the issues of each young person.

Through the unique services that we provide we can assess the needs of the young person then put together the most appropriate therapy that would best determine the required results. To do this we use highly qualified specialists that are able to understand what is required and provide a consistent intervention programme which is reviewed as part of the overall care plan.

At Rose Bud Heights we are able to provide a holistic therapeutic package that looks at addressing any issues that a young person has. On entry into the home, each young person has the opportunity to meet with our Cognitive Behavioural Therapist who aims to build up a rapport and gain understanding of the issues. From this point we are able to develop a comprehensive plan involving all stake holders that looks at addressing any issues. 

We utilise the experience and qualifications of all our staff team who work in the home to work towards this plan on a day by day basis providing a truly holistic package of care that gets to the core issues.

Rose Bud Heights are committed to the continuous professional development of our staff members as we believe that by investing in our team we are investing in the standards and services available to the young people in our care. We run regular training sessions for the team on specific areas such as understanding child development, working with children and young people who have been abused, the value of supervised contact, learning about children through play and stimulation, boundary setting/ discipline, restraint and report writing.

As a unit we are also committed to contributing to the learning of students who are following career pathways and training in the following disciplines:

Social work

Health care



Therapeutic disciplines

We provide student placements for Jamaican nationals as well as those who are studying overseas and we have accredited practice assessors within our team

If you would like to find out more about these opportunities please contact us on the following email............k.jackson@ICASS-services.org
Call: 001 (876) 443 7154