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As an organization ICAS are committed to contributing to the learning of students who are following career pathways and training in the following disciplines:

Social work
Health care
Therapeutic disciplines

We provide student placements for Jamaican nationals as well as those who are studying overseas and we have accredited practice assessors within our team.

Over the past 2 years we have successfully facilitated 6 Social Work student placements and worked with the following universities:

Kingston University UK
Goldsmiths University UK
University of West Indies Caribbean

In facilitating these placements ICAS has engaged with both statutory and voluntary agencies in Jamaica aimed at ensuring that students have been exposed to learning across the spectrum and have been exposed to casework across the country within urban and rural communities. The CDA (Child Development Agency) and SDC (Social Development Commission) have been 2 major partners in this programme.

This is an area which ICAS is continuing to develop by engaging with universities overseas to promote the value of international placements.